Norway & UNICEF Oslo, Norway NatCom
  • Kjersti & Victor (?)
  • Thank you so much for inviting me to share some thoughts…. It is a true privilege.
  • Norway is a very special friend of UNICEF

            – It was one of the founding members 60 years ago

            – It was one of the 1st donors – and now the highest per capita donor to UNICEF

  • It has been an intellectual/policy leader in UNICEF’s history

               – It is one of the most child-friendly countries that ranks #1 in the UN’s human development index

               – It is a great supporter of UN, multi-lateralism and enlightened donor in international development

  • I don’t say these to please you or flatter you… I will back them up with facts & figures and examples.
  • One thing you may not know is that I personally feel a special affinity to Norway
  • I was hired into UNICEF by a Norwegian, Mr. Martin Sandberg, Director of IPIG, 1973, my early mentor…
  • In my home country Nepal – the first UNICEF Representative, the most legendary was a Norwegian named Hallvad Kuloy. (Ane Haaland – & “Communicating with Pictures”)
  • I am so happy to learn that Nepal is one of the priority countries for dev.  cooperation for Government of Norway
  • and a focus for fund-raising and dev. education by Norwegian NatCom
  • I learned that on your 50th anniversary, you organized a fundraising with Norwegian mid-wives association for kids in Nepal.
  • and you organized internet auction of objects of art, culture, sports for celebrities

proceeds for programme in Nepal.

  • Thank you both on behalf of UNICEF and as a Nepali friend.


  • I said Norway has historically been a special friend of UNICEF – let me illustrate why
  • It was a Norwegian – first Secretary-General of UN, Trygve Lia under whose leadership UNICEF was created.
  • Trygve Lia appointed, Maurice Pate, as UNICEF First Executive Director on 8 January 1947
  • What an inspired choice it was.
  • Pate — American — had worked with UNRRA
  • His condition for accepting job as Executive Director UNICEF to be allowed to help children in need everywhere – – –  including “enemy states”
  • Inspired by Egglynt Jebb….
  • This principle has served us well.


  • Along with his letter of appointment, Trygve Lia gave Pate a check of $550,000 leftover for UNRRA – UNICEF’s starting capital.
  • Soon Pate prepared ambitious proposal to provide children in Europe and Asia, “a glass of milk & fat to spread on their bread” – for some 6 million children in Europe and China
  • First donors to UNICEF in 1947 – USA $40m, Canada $5m, Australia $3m, France $0.9m & Norway -Cod liver oil- for a longtime staple of UNICEF aid
  • Norway & Secretary-General Trygve Lia continued to take interest in funding for UNICEF
  • In 1947, a Norwegian diplomat named Aake Anker Ording – once deputy to Trygve Lie came up with a brilliant idea to raise private voluntary contribution to UNICEF
  • Proposed that UN endorse idea of asking all salaries people to contribute 1 day pay every year for programme for children.
  • Idea first tried out in Norway as “UN Appeal for Children”.
  • In 1948, appeal extended to & held in 45 countries and 30 territories – & raised astounding amount of $30m.
  • ⅓  to UNICEF, rest SCF, Red Cross, etc..
  • Beginning of PSFR that continues today.
  • UNICEF Norway founded in 1954 offers opportunities for Norwegian citizens to participate
  • A magnificent PPP – example – long before it became fashionable.
  • Even in program terms largest public health campaign launched by UNICEF in 1950s – control of TB with Scandinavian Red Cross
  • By 1955 the campaign had tested 155m. children & vaccinated 60m with BCG


  • Throughout 50s & 60s, Norway active in Board, as donor, in field…
  • 1965 brought UNICEF to Norway in a big way
  • Nobel Peace Prize
  • Transformation of UNICEF in 60s & 70s

– from humanitarian to dev.

– planning for children, children & development

– education


– Nutrition

– Basic Services

– IYC 

  • Labouisse to Jim Grant
  • 1980s – child survival rev. under JPG
  • JPG the most charismatic/visionary leader
  • Norway continued to be helpful
  • 3 great Norwegian women contributed to UNICEF in 80s & 90s

– Liv Ullman, Karin Lokhaug, Torild Skard

  • 1990 WSC/CRC Norway great partners – supporter
  • Norway also emerged as the 2nd largest donor – ahead of Sweden – and highest per capita donor
  • Norway – first ombudsman for children exemplary
  • Brundtland Commission on Environment & Development with its famous statement – “Sustainable development – is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs”.  (a most child-friendly definition of sustainable development – to which we most grateful)
  • As we are to Brundtland’s leadership of WHO & our close colla…(?)
  • In the 1990s – Norway – Nordic U.N reform
  • Even now Prime Minister Stoltenberg as leader of High Level Panel expecting report on 9 November.
  • Will shape future of UN coherence in Development, human environment
  • Norway

# 1 per capita donor

            # 1 thematic donor, esp. girls education

            # 1 on MDG4 & GAVI

  • I believe Norway can be proud of its faith in and support to UNICEF
  • UNICEF’s work producing measurable results
  • UNICEF priorities mirror MDGs – in fact, inspired MDGs
  • MTSP grouping
  • Basic Education / Gender Edu
  • Child Protection
  • Advocacy, Child Rights
  • In each of these areas, Norway-UNICEF collaboration
  • Oslo Conference on Child Labour
  • Violence against Child Study

– Crown Prince Haakon attended

  • Girl’s Education
  • Humanitarian assistance – most generous
  • Your child-friendly ODA policy
  • MOPAN – multilateral organization’s performance – assem….? Network
  • Report being presented –
  • Areas of improvement – we love suggestions from supportive partner
  • As we look ahead to Norway-UNICEF cooperation, our dream to secure for children in World future like – the situation of children in Norway today….
  • If all countries of the world – if all peoples of the world – as supportive as Norway – – we could build a world truly fit for children.